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Residential Vaastu Consulting
07/05/2014 6:51 am
 The quest for a peaceful abode is paramount in all humans. We at Vaastuvedas offer residential vaastu consultation. We offer vaatsu remedies which can effectively attract and retain health, wealth, harmony and peace in the life of the dwellers. What distinguishes our residential vaastu consulting from those in the field is that we offer hundred percent ?zero demolition remedies? by use of colors, various vaastu objects, pyramids and more. By incorporating these minor changes in the house, one can benefit at a large scale.

Benefits of Residential vaastu Consulting

Those who can benefit from our residential vaastu consultation includes :-

  • Individual Flats
  • Buildings
  • Bungalows
  • Farm House
  • Colonies
  • Guest Houses
  • Societies

We provide a varied range of residential vaastu consultation which includes selection of the plots and flats before finalization, rectification of the existing vaastu faults, vaastu planning for the renovations of the flats etc. By building a house, flat, bungalow etc on proper vaastu principles one can :-

  • One can attain the peace and prosperity of mind and soul
  • One can enjoy a better quality of life
  • The relationships between the inmates is better
  • There is more love and harmony in the house
  • The inmates enjoy better health
  • There is a higher rate of success both personally and professionally
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