Vaastu Shastra and Geopathy Stress Expert Consultant in India offering Corporate Vaastu Consulting and Residential Vaastu Consulting services.

Pyramids have been very fascinating and have attracted the attention of people since time immemorial. Pyramids prove to be highly beneficial in removing a number of obstacles in the way of your peace, prosperity and happiness in life. We at VaastuVedas give an extensive consultation for the placement of pyramids in your
               Residential Flats
               Industrial Manufacturing Units
               Any other corporate spaces
               Raw Plots

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 A majority of the problems that we are facing in the present day life is due to the Geopathic Stress Lines. The negative effects of these stress lines have been proven scientific by the various medical professionals. These GS lines runs through the earth. I use my skills to identify the location of these geopathic stress lines and provide scientific solutions to each individual case.

Geopathy stress have been proven to be the vital cause of CANCER.

I would therefore request anyone who has a

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 The quest for a peaceful abode is paramount in all humans. We at Vaastuvedas offer residential vaastu consultation. We offer vaatsu remedies which can effectively attract and retain health, wealth, harmony and peace in the life of the dwellers. What distinguishes our residential vaastu consulting from those in the field is that we offer hundred percent ?zero demolition remedies? by use of colors, various vaastu objects, pyramids and more. By incorporating these minor changes in the house, one
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We, at Vaastuvedas take utmost care and go through a robust and meticulous planning while providing corporate and business vaastu consultation. While doing the vastu of your office space, industry, mills or any other corporate project we use proper vaastu techniques which helps in increasing the success of the company as well as those who are associated with the particular business.

Vaastu Shastra principles can be applied to an office, corporate building, industry, manufacturing unit or any

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